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Alexa Integration

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Alexa Integration

Alexa TV sound control
We can configure and setup you amazon echo with alexa voice command to control most electrical items.

Ask Alexa, your Amazon Echo series device to be a little more helpful.


From controlling your TV to more complex scenarios, your Amazon Echo series device could be setup and configured to be a whole lot friendlier and helpful.

*Ideal for the Blind and Partially sighted, who could have a simple but very effective answer to safely controlling every day items like kitchen appliances & lighting. (‘alexa turn on the kettle’)

*Control any remote controlled device whether the remote control is Infrared or RF. This includes all home electronic devices like TV’s DVD’s and Hi-Fi equipment. (‘alexa turn on the tv’)

The possibilities are virtually endless.

If you would like to know more about what can be done with your Amazon Echo Device, setup or Home Configuration services  Contact Us

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