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Freeview HD


The Current Freeview HD channel line up can be viewed by clicking the logo

If a product doesn’t display this exact logo then the equipment isn’t capable of directly receiving Freeview HD TV channels.

‘HD Ready’ or ‘HD’ branding by manufacturers is misleading customers into thinking their product will allow them to receive Freeview HD. Unfortunately this is most certainly not the case.

To understand this better:

HD Ready televisions are capable of displaying images with a resolution of up to 720 lines when used in conjunction of an external HD signal from a Blue Ray DVD Player or HD set top box.

HD televisions are slightly different in so much as they have a Full HD viewing panel capable of displaying 1080p lines, when used with an external HD signal. The ‘p’ indicates Progressive scan where the picture is constructed before being displayed, for superior picture quality.



So Buyers beware… if you want a High Definition Television capable of receiving Freeview HD Channels then ensure the product bears this exact logo.

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