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Upgrade your old TV Aerial now for Trouble Free reception.

Expert professional fitting service using quality log periodic wideband aerials (illustrated) poles and fixings as recommended by CAI giving a long and reliable service.

new-aerial.pngSlimline and lightweight in design, this antenna presents less wind resistance with greater performance. The log periodic aerial will in many areas, provide a wideband RF antenna solution with gain and directivity that are superior to that offered by a Yagi.

Futureproof… these aerials are wideband and will receive all available TV signals in the Television Broadcast Band.


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Since the Digital Switchover,  the transmitter at the Rowridge I.O.W. broadcasts in both vertical and horizontal polarisations.

The Rowridge transmitter is the joint highest powered transmitter in the UK outputting 2 power levels.

With the aerial mounted horizontally, 200Kw for the BBC and ITV channels, maintaining the status quo for all homes using the older, standard group A Yagi aerial.

For other ‘commercial’ channels, the likes of Dave, Pick, Yesterday, and Film 4 etc. the power level is 50Kw.

The Digital switch, saw an alternative output of 200Kw, for all multiplexes broadcasting on channels 21 24 25 27 and 28 this higher power is available when the aerial is mounted vertically. This greatly increased signal level meant an immediate improvement for the commercial channels.

To receive signals from the Vertically polarised transmitter, a modification or replacement of existing aerial equipment is required, the benefits include stable reception, minimising/eliminating  the ‘Digital breakup’ that is so often experienced, especially in the west of the region.

This has also had an immediate impact for consumers living in areas who are receiving signals from Local Relays with a limited number of Digital Programmes normally around 15 channels. 
It is now very possible that reception for consumers, could be enhanced to a much larger number of programmes with a suitable ‘Rowridge VP’ aerial Upgrade.

This upgrade is also suitable for users who are currently getting abnormal digital ‘breakup’ or pixalisation and other unstable reception problems.

Now that HD reception is in full flow it should be noted there is a trade off when using the VP transmitter. TV channels broadcast on com 7 & 8 will no longer be receivable. The main channels BBC ITV CH4 & 5 HD are broadcast on channel 21 and are available on the vertical polarisation.

If you are suffering from any of the above problems or would like to be able to receive ALL available digital channels, call us so we can test your signal and advise how best to solve your reception problems. Alternatively use our contact form.

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