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Multiroom Installations

Multiroom Installations

View the picture from your DVD, Video, PVR or Satellite in any room of the house and with a RC extender combine the remote control functions as well, so you can control all functions of that device.

If you have a SKY HD box without the RF2 outlet, we  can supply and install the necessary device to combine the signal to other rooms in the home. 

— OR–

* Have TV Aerial signals to as many rooms in the home as required, (the simple way to watch Freeview digital TV).

* Satellite feeds to multiple rooms.

* Satellite provisions for Hotels and Apartments

* A Combination of TV/Radio/Satellite signals to various rooms.

* Sophisticated Multiroom for flats and apartments, with Radio/TV/Twin Feed Satellite combinations.

* Home network & Wi-Fi setups and improvements.


We can also provide Music and Video Streaming solutions.


Whatever combination you want, remember virtually anything is possible!

Give us a call so we can discuss the various options available.

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